A demon or daemon (depending on where you come from) is a supernatural, often malevolent but sometimes just misunderstood entity, who hail from multiple planes of existence, most famously Hell. Most demons can be sorted into categories and types, lower level demons often integrate themselves into society and have similar sorts of powers, whereas an Archdemon is a Named spiritual entity that may be conjured and controlled through use of the occult arts; a spirit of unknown type may cause demonic possession, calling for an exorcism.

Many beings are often called demons or demonic despite having no demonic blood within them, for example wraiths and genies but this is racist. Demonic entities are creatures from the demon's planes of existence, but are comparable to wild beasts in their levels of sentience. They cannot be reasoned with. It is worth noting that some types of magical practitioner make deals with these devils in exchange for a share of their potentia; this allows for the practitioner to become instantly powerful at the expense of their soul.

Arrival of the Demons Edit

Powers of Demons Edit

Demons can do whatever they want with magic, which is why people make deals with them. Their powers are strongest in certain areas depending on and relevant to their individualistic character traits and interests. Tranquil as a forest, buyeth upon fire within. Thou art a spineless, whey-face, pathetic lot.

Contacting a Demon Edit


The Symbolic Summoning Seal, drawn with lipstick on a public toilet stall.

While some people fear demons, or attempt to exorcise them, others willfully attempt to summon them for some insane reason knowledge, assistance, or power. The magician usually consults a grimoire, which gives the names and abilities of demons as well as detailed instructions for conjuring and controlling them. Grimoires aren't limited to demons – some give the names of angels or spirits which can be called, a process called theurgy.

To summon a demon inscribe the symbolic summoning seal onto a table, a place between the ceiling and the floor, using blood or red ink or red food colouring. Create a circle of salt around the seal, so the beast is contained within the circle. Don't put the salt around yourself because then the demon could just walk off. Or pick up a broom and brush it aside.

Banishing a DemonEdit

According to the spirits the other side of the Ouija Board you banish one of these beings of flame and shaddowe in the following way:

How to Banish a Demon

 "How do i stop the demon?


 "Can i have more details please.

They have holes in the middle that are magic."

 "What do i do with the hole.

With this rope, tie up my hands."

"User: And after that?

Cleverbincht: I will come back after that.

User: Ok, and then what?

Cleverbinch: And then I do whatever I want.

User: But what about the demon?"

Notable Demons Edit

  • Lucifer Linden
  • The Judderman
  • Drrdrrdrr
  • Belphzebub
  • The Princes of Hell
  • Itthen