Fox Medier-0

Fox Medier (Born out of 1960s Social Change) is a lone paranormal investigator and digital storyteller, whose pre-history is irrevocably lost in a cybernetic dark age. His return to the flesh, whilst a difficult amorphous transition, has seen him strive for spiritual enlightenment in a quest to discover the truth of his very beginnings. It is unknown whether his abstract northern confessions are the fairytales of a digitally altered mind, or a series of buried unconscious truths.

Early Life 

Although Fox’s exact age is unknown, he is drawn to 60s values for change and upheaval. He washed up on the shores of Korea as a cybernetic construct, where he was lured by a fur snatcher to the trackless wastes of Furnation and hideously manipulated.

Intrinsically Fox

In desperation, Fox threw himself into an Intrinsic Field Subtractor and reconstituted himself into a new being charged by nuclear fission and plagued with metaphysical issues, which led to a series of catastrophic fashion fails.

Fox was a raver in his adolescence. Long before humans mounted the first wrecking ball, he wrecked minds with his fusion of genre styles and glow sticks, until one day he stumbled into a crude contraption that seemingly broke through the barrier of simulated linear time.

This method of travel was more intoxicating than speed, and he snorted up the time winds like Amy Winehouse. The addiction was so fat, baby, and it literally went to my head.

Fox's SLT addiction

As fashion disasters began to rip through the polyester fabric of reality, Fox needed rehab and was lured in by the kind sweet words of Team Purple. They treated his symptoms, but trust cost him dearly.

As limbs and and vital organs began to break down, he had to give up the flesh and return to the life of an automaton, thanks to a specialist who lacked delicacy and finesse.

Team Purple

Team Purple

But for what? What purpose? What had Team Purple made of Fox Medier? Purple was the new black, or so they told him, so he went rogue, escaped the lab with boogie and style in the 80s prototype he’d now been fashioned into.

Fox went gold, he went underground. He had to be sure Purple wasn't following and was free from their shackles. Some Federation bozo, who has since had dragon reassignment surgery, served more favourable Fox Medier realness.

Placed in a machine that filled me him with strength never felt before, Fox’s limbs and sweet style grew 7.1 feet tall! But as purple energy coursed through his soul, he wondered if his daring escape was merely manufactured design.

Was is rebirth or recapture?

The Silver Fox

Birth of the Silver Fox
The Silver Fox emerged from the chamber to embark on a path that would make him a legend across worlds, Cross Worlds and even Worlds End.

Now with the ability to see the light and shade of it all, the sex, the dance and colour in an all-new spectrum and analytical structure, Fox began to ponder his unnatural existence. Was friendship universal or simply the scriptures of a pose ball?

It was logical to sterilise style, taste and decency, while solitary abstract thinking became his spiritual reference point.

The Silver Fox hypnotises an acolyte

Silver Fox became a creature of quiet contemplation, an altered messiah, lurking in the crowds of a Taffy fishing plaza. He worked on hypnotising and converting those in his time ship.

This conversion process was a ruse, just a ruse. His acolytes’ belief that to become like Fox was their destiny, was only to satisfy his greed for the flesh, for his own realness.

Reverse Conversion Realness

Behind his shrouded faceplate, a dermal layer slowly began to take shape from the skins of his would-be followers.

Marrow replaced platinum, bile created jaundice, where once there was only mercury channels. Fox was on the bridge that spanned two worlds, the link between souls by which one crosses into their true nature.

Body-ody-ody... At Last!