Glamazon Rainforest

Glamazon rainforest

The rainforest is home to many endemic florae

The Glamazon Rainforest is the world's largest rainforest, covering the majority of the country of Bazil. It is noted for the wide and varied species of flora, fauna and merryweather that can be found there. It was inhabited by ancient apocalyptic tribes until the 16th century, when the inhabitants were slaughtered and melted down for their precious gold.

It was also the location of the lost city of Mecanópolis, which was then found in the rainforest. The rainforest is a popular tourist attraction, with many tourists exploring, camping and taking flowers and plants back with them to their own countries.

Due to this the rainforest is often the lair of the supervillainess Toxic Kudzu, who uses tourism to spread her spores globally. This has lessened somewhat in recent years with the construction of a large dome around her part of rainforest, sealing her and her spores inside. Kudzu is a selph proclaimed eco-terrorist who converts unwilling persons into plant-person hybrids. She does this by seducing the victim with plant pheromones, and then cocooning them. Her favourite targets are those who commit the (in her eyes) treasonous act of deforestation.