The ruins of Katrina, 2015.

Cardyiff, Katrina, was the capital and largest city in Fales, before its destruction in 2012, the city was a popular tourist attraction and holiday destination, largely due to the rich history surrounding the area and the rumours that it was built across a rift in space/time.

The city was also known for its grand shopping mall in the heart of the city, the Millennium Shopping Centre, also known as the "Big Loaf", which was the final resting place of the infamous artist Roj Snook.

Another popular attraction the city boasted was Mermaid Quay, named for the bloodthirsty breed of mermaid that had been exclusive to the region before being hunted to extinction by poachers and fetishists alike. Though the mermaids had been long dead, the location remained a popular fishing site, the locals coining the term "fish head" in reference to the deadly creatures that once populated the waters.

In 2012, it was announced that the entire city was to be demolished and subsequently abandoned, the reasons unclear at the time, it was later revealed that the city had been built atop a gigantic cave system and was structurally unsound, scientists and kids who took geology 101 a couple of times have theorized that this cave system was the origin of the rumours of a space/time rift beneath the city, it has therefore been named "The rift of Cardyiff". Geologists are expected to explore the system in 2015.