Mayor Lorraine Braveheart

Lorraine Braveheart with daughter Loren, 2014.

Lorraine Mary Braveheart
Meshmoor Heights, Lyssafornia
November 14th 1954
Years active

Lorraine Mary Braveheart, née LeMaire (born November 14th 1954) is a Fugmoorian politician who has served as Mayor of Fugmoor since 2011. Braveheart began her career as a hair stylist in Marti, owning the popular salon 'Merde de Cheveux'.

In 2011, Braveheart's daughter Loren went missing from their Fugmoor mansion, Braveheart was, at the time, running for mayor of Fugmoor, and easily earned the sympathy of the masses, winning the election by a landslide.

Loren re-emerged, apparently un-aged, in November 2014, Braveheart has refused to comment on this, but the two have posed for photographs outside their home.

Early Life Edit

Lorraine Mary LeMaire was born November 14th 1954 in Meshmoor Heights Infirmary to Gibson LeMaire and Melanie 'Mel' LeMaire, both lawyers.

LeMaire studied law and cosmetology at Meshmoor Academy for Actually Gifted Indivduals, later moving to Marti, Katrina to open a hair salon, 'Merde de Cheveux'.

LeMaire married Wallace Braveheart, a doctor, in 1989, the pair later moved to Fugmoor, Lyssafornia.

Braveheart gave birth to a daughter, Loren Braveheart, in 1995.

Wallace Braveheart was killed in a house fire in 1999, Lorraine Braveheart has refused to comment on this.

Later Life Edit

Loren Grave

Loren's temporary grave marker

In 2011, Braveheart began her campaign for Mayor of Fugmoor, running against fellow widow Kat Kassner, speaking of her opponent, Braveheart is quoted as saying; "My opponent is about as unfit to run a city as she is to highlight her own hair, but her complete lack of sense enables her to attempt both, and I'll let the results speak for themselves. If you vote Kassner, this city is in for a bad dye job and split ends for days."
Mayoral Mansion

The Mayor's Mansion on Millionaire's Row, Manon Hill is the Mayor of Fugmoor's house, and the home of Lorraine and her daughter Loren.

The polls were close up until Loren Braveheart went missing in late 2011, earning sympathy for her loss, Braveheart won the election by a landslide, becoming Fugmoor's new mayor and founding the Find Loren campaign, employing Lyssa Starsmith as the campaign's spokesperson.

In November 2014, Loren Braveheart was found alive and well, seemingly unharmed and not remembering where she had been or what had happened. Both Bravehearts have refused to comment on the disappearance and subsequent reappearance.