Lyssa Starsmith
Lysette Chlamydia Angela Starsmith
Hurdurlulu, Kawaii
July 7th 1990
Years active

Lysette Chlamydia Angela "Lyssa" Starsmith (Born July 7th, 1990) is a Fugmoorian film, television and theater actress, comedian, producer and singer. She is best known for her role as Miss Wang on the commercial flop On Her Maggotry's Secret Service (2004), and recurring role as nurse Mi Yong Ho in the medical drama Playing Doctor.

Lyssa made her big-screen debut in 2004 as Miss Wang in the box-office failure On Her Maggotry's Secret Service, and later appeared in local commercials, in 2006 she gained recognition as an actress for her starring role in the direct-to-DVD sequel, On Her Maggotry's Secret Service 2, which later received a limited theatrical release.

A survivor of childhood abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse and gang violence, Starsmith is a vocal Furry rights activist, for a short time being the spokesperson for the Furries for Fairness project, though stepping down after a rabies outbreak.

In 2014, Starsmith made her stage debut as Yu Bo Ling in the musical Freeloaders.

Early life

Lyssa Starsmith was born in Abbie's Abortion Clinic, Hurdurlulu, Kawaii. The daughter of Mama Starsmith and an unknown father. She learned to play the piano when she was three. At a young age she developed a love for acting and enrolled in various local theater groups and acting schools, each kicking her out for bad behaviour.

Starsmith moved to Fugmoor with her mother when she turned 13, to pursue a film career, it would be a year later she earned her first film role in On Her Maggotry's Secret Service.
TeenLyssa 001

Starsmith at 13

Acting career

Following her role in On Her Maggotry's Secret Service, Starsmith set her focus to the world of commercial acting, promoting chain restaurant Starfugs Coffee.

It wasn't until 2006 that Starsmith was cast in another film, this time the direct-to-DVD sequel to On Her Maggotry's Secret Service, the film was, compared to its predecessor, a commercial hit, earning it a limited theatrical release and earning its leading lady an Oscar nomination for Best Leading Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

In 2008, Starsmith was cast in medical drama Playing Doctor, as nurse-turned-serial-killer Mi Yong Ho, her debut was well-received and the character was promoted to a recurring role.

Starsmith was cast as huntress Katzchen in the 2009 independant sci-fi film, Space I Guess, but left the film for personal reasons.

In May 2014, Starsmith made her final appearance in Playing Doctor, her character finally being caught by the police and executed.

Lyssa Starsmith signed photo

Signed photograph of Lyssa Starsmith outside her Fugmoor home, auctioned off to raise money for Freeloaders: The Musical.

In July 2014, Starsmith made her stage debut as Yu Bo Ling in the musical Freeloaders, speaking of the challenges of performing live versus screen acting, Starsmith said; "It's so much more rewarding to perform live, I honestly feel like I'm at my happiest when the audience are applauding. I would stay with this role and this show for the rest of my life.",

In November 2014, Starsmith made the announcement that she had been replaced in the role of Yu Bo Ling, her replacement being newcomer Loren Braveheart.

Starsmith made a triumphant return to the small screen on April 1st, 2015, with a surprise premiere of her new animated series, The Fug Lyfe. Based on her life in Fugmoor, Starsmith writes, produces, co-produces and is the voice of every female character in the series.

The Fug Lyfe was cancelled later that month, but was picked up for a second season by Netfugs in June, with an expanded budget and narration by Queen Elizabelph II.

Starsmith currently resides in a Starfugs Coffee shop in Fugmoor, allegedly taking full advantage of her lifetime supply of free bagels from her time as spokesperson.

Personal life

In 2005, Starsmith announced her decision to become a member of the Goth community, a decision she later revoked, she is quoted as saying; "I've un-gothed"

TeenLyssa 002

Starsmith at age 15, 2005.

In 2009, Starsmith became a vocal supporter of the Find Loren campaign, aiming to track down missing teenager Loren Braveheart, daughter of Fugmoor mayor Lorraine Braveheart, her involvement in this campaign led to her reconnecting with On Her Maggotry's Secret Service co-star Elphaba Vaher, later revealed as Loren Braveheart's killer.

Legal issues

On August 23rd, 2009, Starsmith was arrested for destruction of property, having crashed an unknown vehicle into the docks of Katrina.

On August 24th, 2009, Starsmith was arrested for indecent exposure and for assaulting a member of the paparazzi, she was quoted as saying; "I thought they were like a cult or something, like the illuminati?"

On October 2nd, 2009, Starsmith was jailed for three months for money laundering and indecent exposure.

On November 5th, 2009, Starsmith was arrested for breaking out of prison and for indecent exposure.

Starsmith's driver's license was suspended in 2011 for stealing a police vehicle after assaulting its driver and indecently exposing herself to him.

In 2012, Lyssa Starsmith was allegedly spotted piloting a helicopter away from the wreckage of a crashed vehicle in Meshmoor Heights.

Meshmoor Heights, 2012, Starsmith allegedly can be seen piloting the helicopter.

In 2013, Starsmith relocated to the town of Willoughby Spit, though moving back to Fugmoor after only three months.