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Wildlife on the slopes of Mount Peretz.

Mount Peretz is the tallest peak of the Punctuation Peaks mountain range that runs down the western edge of the USSL. It was named Skyfork until 1933, when the original Spanish name of Peretz was re-bestowed by the then President of the USSL.

The Punctuation Peaks, so named because they punctuate the sky, are among the longest and most varied mountain ranges in the world. They run the length of the USSL, from Okeh in the south of Canadia, terminating in the Fat Crack Canyon in the Pussy Badlands of Lyssafornia. Mount Peretz, the tallest peak, is situated in Canadia and is revered for the beautiful wildlife that can be found there.

It is a popular spot for tourism as the mountain trails are beautiful. It is also a popular choice for hillbillies to make their homes; as such the slopes of the mountain are inhabited by yokels, locals, and other sons of the soil, who are often charged with the assault and harassment and hunting for sport, of local canoe-ers.

Mount Peretz was made a national park in 1933.