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On Her Maggotry's Secret Service (2004) is the first film in the Wang trilogy. It was a catastrophic failure at the box office and incited the Fugmoor Riots of 2004. Made with a next-to-nothing budget the film has quickly gained a cult following, and was recently used by them to bring about the destruction of the city of Marti.

The film was followed by a direct - to - VHS sequel that was marginally more successful.

Cast Edit

Lucidia Andel - Queen Elizabelph I

Lyssa Starsmith - Miss Wang

Fox Medier - Sir Gasalot

Johann Oxifur - Igor Henchmun

Laura Martinez Fernandez Michelle Cole Vasquez - Former Maid

Elphaba Vaher - V

Kat Kassner - Useless Peasant

MC Bizzleschnizz - Himselph

Synopsis Edit

Queen Vaher (Lucidia Andel, "Bedknobs and Broomsbinch!") is your typical uptight monarch, ruling Vaheria with an iron fist. When her maid is killed in a dance-off gone wrong, Queen Vaher bans all rap from the kingdom. When her replacement maid, Miss Wang (Lyssa Starsmith, "Raven the Teenage Harlot") arrives, she instantly bumps heads with the Queen.

Through a hilarious series of hijinks and car chases, the two women grow closer and begin to see each other's point of view, all the while the villainous Sir Gasalot, (Fox Medier, "Nothing in Particular") plans to overthrow the monarchy. Originally a truthful historical epic, the movie is now a thrilling tale of friendship, love and hardcore gangsta rap.

"This generation's The Sound of Music." -  The Willoughby Spit Times

"Forgettable." - Neutrality Magazine

"Eh." - Ok. Magazine

Reaction Edit

The premiere was attended by Her Majesty the Queen who later claimed she boycotted the film and thoroughly hated the portrayal of one of her predecessors. The film was criticised by the Royals as being "too insensitive and the costumes were bad and also the sets were bad."

Audiences were so incensed at the piece that on opening night riots broke out across Fugmoor. Social historians have often blamed Queen Elizabelph II herselph for inciting the riots, due to her contradictory stances on the work. Before release she claimed it was "a glorious piece" and was even seen attending the premiere with star Lyssa Starsmitha. However, when public opinion turned she openly criticised the film's portrayal of her predecessor, and claimed the movie ridiculed Vaheria, and made a mockery of royalty in general. This further angered the crowds, as many Fugmoorons are known to suffer from Vaherian Syndrome.

The film was also criticised for the inaccurate makeup used for Queen Elizabelph I.