Princess Elyssabeth (1548-Present) was a horrid little toad girl. Simply quite horrid.
Princess Elyssabeth

Simply quite horrid.

She was part of the royal family of Moleistan until their overthrow.

In 1565 she was sentenced to set sail on board the ship the 'Red Behind' and was lost at sea when the crew decided to mutiny and it went wrong.

She will not be missed.

'Bloody Beth' Returns

In a daring move as Queen Maker, the Lord Foxilicious Medier surprised Elzabelph, the First of Her Name, by returning the missing Elyssabeth to court one mid-winter's eve.

'Bloody Beth' as she is now known laid claim to the gilded throne, much to the Queen of Vaheria's delight, who quickly ushered her out of her house and into a gilded cage.

It is believed that Elyssabeth had a hankering for human flesh and the crew of the Red Behind were eaten as Hors d'oeuvres. She then used skin and skulls to fashion herself a lady's tea set and clutch bag.

Bloody Beth Returns

'Bloody Beth' Returns

Her Royal Elzabelph has since transferred the usurper to an undisclosed dungeon and charged her with 'unacceptable presentation' of a lady that befits her status, that being none at all.

Bloody Beth now awaits trial, her fate to be determined by royal decree. Her presence in Vaheria may yet cause civil unrest amongst the plebs.