"The Doctor" Waffle
Jared "The Doctor" Waffle
Cardiff, Katrina
May 21st, 1996
Years active

TheDoctor "Waffle" "Waffmeister" "Bringer of Unwanted Pregnancies" Waffle (Born May 21, 1996) is a professional David Tennant impersonator and nuisance. Starting out with a 'freebie' costume picked up from Doctor Who Land.

TheDoctor Waffle is known fondly for his diverse choice of forms, including a giant blue fox, a giant red husky, an Asian child and an American underwear model. When asked for comment, Waffle justified his choice in forms as, "I live for furry porn. K?"

TheDoctor Waffle is considered to be so impossibly delusional that he once believed continously spelling the word 'definitely' as 'defiantly' would not out him as an underaged user of the virtual world, Second Life.

After a short seperation from reality, TheDoctor Waffle was brought back to life by an evil witch and her emotionally damaged friend. Although TheDoctor Waffle remains a mystery to many, professionals believe him to be a regular human being suffering from a severe case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The truth may never be known.

Early Life

It is not fully known where TheDoctor Waffle originated as he has been known to take a very private approach to his life with many considering his origin to be a complete mystery. Some say he was forged in the fire of a dwarf star which came into contact with Uranus. Others say Waffle is simply "the most obsessive compulsive and erksome individual to have ever graced the Earth."

Personal Life

Relationship with Elphaba Vaher