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Nobody ever fuckin comes here or updates anything except me and it's a thing that annoys me to no end because its like people don't care and why should i bother?

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Within this Wikia you will find all the information necessary concerning the rich culture and history of Vaheria - a wealthy and under populated country. From detailed fact files surrounding the town's highest authority, Queen Elzabelph I, to information about some of the country's most noteworthy residents and attractions such as Mount Peretz (including the famous Snook Waterfall). You are encouraged to read this Wikia from start to finish before entering the country of Vaheria as we believe it doubles as the best survival guide to life here. As a resident of Vaheria, you are welcome to enter additional information to this Wikia which you feel may have been missed out. However, be aware that these changes will be inspected by Queen Elizabelph I herself and any information not considered truthful or otherwise outside her majesty's interests will be removed and the violator will be beheaded immediatley.

We hope you have a pleasant visit to Vaheria and we would like to ensure, at this point, that it is understood no liability will be taken for any injuries, short comings or deaths sustained as a result of visiting this country.

Thank you.

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