Western and Universal Post Service of Fugmoor, typically referred to and branded as WUPS (stylized as wupsie), is the largest shipment and logistics company in Fugmoor. The Fugmoorian package delivery company is headquartered in the Warehouse District of Fugmoor. WUPS delivers more than 15 packages a day to more than 6 customers in more than 2 districts and territories around Fugmoor.

WUPS is known for its brown delivery trucks and uniform, hence the company nickname "Absolute Shit". WUPS also operates its own airline and air cargo delivery service which operates only between districts in Fugmoor.

Controversy Edit

WUPS is well known for frequent parcel loses and breakages. In 2005, an investigation revealed that 6.5 out of 10 parcels shipped by WUPS never reached their intended destination. This was considered an appalling statistic on the basis that WUPS ship out 5 parcels a day, on average. However the company used this to their advantage in a 2006 advertising campaign where they revealed their new company motto 'We'll find it eventually!'

On December 5, 1974, WUPS had a package explosion, killing one man, a dog and three Hungarian migrants. The murder case was investigated by then Police Chief Rob McLitoris. The package was in transit to a fireworks shop. WUPS claimed full liability in the incident, the then CEO stated, "Well, it was 'bring your daughter to work day' so you know how it is. In hindisght, it was kind of funny. Right?" A replacement CEO was promptly found.

Employee Actions Edit

In recent years, WUPS had some employment actions brought by the Worker's Equal Employment Department (WEED). A former WUPS employee took a 12-month leave of absence after she began having symptoms that were later diagnosed as pregnancy. WUPS had a policy allowing employees to take up to 12 months off for ailments caused by other employees. When the employee exhausted this medical leave, the WEED alleges the employee requested an additional two weeks of leave and that she could have returned to her job after those additional two weeks. Instead of allowing the alleged request for an additional two weeks of leave, WUPS fired her for "crazy women stuff I dunno" (quote from CEO). WUPS allegedly demoted a black employee but it was later discovered she was not even black. Employees were promptly banned from wearing face paint at work to avoid any further confusion.