Whitefool Palace was the principle home of Queen Elizabelph I of Vaheria, from February 2016 to 26th July 2016;
Whitefool Palyss

Whitefool Palace from the river

when it burned down in  a fire. It housed the vast majority of the royal collection of Vaheria, including the crown of Vaheria, the royal artwork collection, and many other unique furnishings; such as the tomb of Sir Olly Novo, the throne of Vaheria, and the only surviving portrait of Lettuce Knolyss - all of which were destroyed in the fire. The palace was on Pake Street in Vaheria's capital, Trinovantum.

The Fire Edit

It is thought the fire which devastated the palace began on 24th July, 2016. The fire is presumed to have begun in the Secret Chamber, when a candle on the Queen's stalker shrine to Lyssa Starsmith set alight to one of the photos making up the candid Polaroid heart. The flames then spread up into the void between the ceiling and the roof, spreading throughout all the rooms of the palace.

The fire spread south through the grand gallery, burning the Queen's bedrooms and spreading down into St Medhue's Chapel, destroying the statues and tombs within, including the carved effigy of Sir Olly Novo.
Whitefool Palyss Burns - Van Dick sketch

Sketch: 'Whitefool Palyss Burns' - Van Dick

By the 25th July the flames had also spread west, through the withdrawing room and council chamber, burning the fine portraits housed there; and onward into the Privy Chamber and Presence Chamber, eventually reaching the Guard Chamber before immolating the Great Hall. The flames burned through the floor of the presence and guard chambers at this point, into the wine cellars and undercrofts below, wherein the alcohol and gunpowder stored there blew up the remnants of the building upon being set alight - this allowed the riverside range and Great Gateway to be set ablaze.

The collapse of the remnants of the building caused the privy garden to be buried beneath masses of rubble, destroying the delicate statuary and fountains found there, as well as the Queen's prized lemon trees. The resulting ash cloud and debris dust choked the Queen's ancient apple trees as well.

Whitefool Palace from Maple Park

On the 26th July 2016 the fire burned itselph out.

On 28th July 2016 Her Majestry returned from her progress and found her palace gone. She was not amused and bewailed the loss of the seat of her power; literally because the thrones had all been scorched to a cinder. The Queen ordered the rubble cleared away and the land salted and burned, so nothing would ever prosper there again.