The guillotine known as "Writer's Block"

Writer's Block, also known as The Writer's Block, is actually the name of the guillotine used by the Vaherian government to silence writers considered to be enemies of the state. As knowledge is power, most of the population of Vaheria cannot read deeming themselves safer that way. Their illiteracy has led to the name Writer's block, despite the chopping block being used mostly for treason and severe crimes against nature and fashion.

Madame Guillotine was introduced to Vaheria shortly after the Queen saw how useful she was during the reign of terror. Anyone who is the author of any treasonous publications, pamphlets, or proclamations usually ends up on this device. Their quills and fountain pens are then filled with the blood of the author, upon whose severed forehead the word WRITER is written. The head is then put on a pike at the Tower of Lindon. As pike are quite slippery they tend to fall off.

Famous persons whose writing careers (and lives) have been cut short by this device include:

  • Bill Rattlestick, playwright
  • Doctor Bernard, traitor
  • Penelope Pitstop

The metaphor for having writer's block comes from the frequentuous use of this device.